Fondue - Swiss Gruyere and Emmentaler cheeses served hot with baby carrots, fresh sliced apples, and bread for dipping 28.99

Charcuterie - Assorted selection of fine imported Italian salami, thin sliced prosciutto, Cambozola, vintage cheddar, Gotes Catalanes, sweet dates & assorted crackers   18.99  

Antipasto Platter - Marinated mushrooms, melt in your mouth Castelvetrano olives, marinated asparagus, Billy Goat cheese, creamy Delice de Bourgogne & Gina Marie cheese with jam & assortment of savory crackers  14.99

Hummus & Tapenade  - Original creamy hummus with fresh made tapenade, served with pita bread & gluten free chips  8.99

Goat Cheese Delight— Creamy goat cheese, topped with scrumptious fig & sour cherry spread, served with crackers  9.99    

Salami Assortment — Sliced Italian dry salami, Genoa salami, artichoke, hard cheese, crackers & pitted dates  9.99

Le Fromage— A delicious assortment of three of our finest cheeses served with crackers, artisan bread, dried cherries, olives & marinated mushrooms  12.99          

Dipping Plate — Buttery olive oil with sweet, syrupy 18 year old balsamic vinegar, served with artisan bread and roasted garlic  8.99

Prosciutto & Manchego Cheese  — Thin sliced prosciutto with Manchego cheese served with crackers & dried cherries   9.99